Sanabella Group srl is a family run business company situated in the heart of Italy, Umbria, that since 1986 produces casual and elegant woman shoes. Our collections are the results of a constant and detailed research of trends and the best materials. Quality, comfort and style combined with a deep respect for the environment and people make the Sanabella Group a reliable and innovative company.
The attention to detail and Made in Italy manufacturing are the prerogatives of the brand. We design our shoes thinking of the women who will wear them to show them in all circumstances.
A perfect balance between functionality and stylistic originality are the purpose of Sanabella design.


Our story begins in 1984 with Giovanni Capponi, a young boy who, at the age of 24 years old , after working at a shoe factory in his home town of Nocera Umbra, decides to open a small women’s footwear workshop specializing in the production of sandals. Immediately he stands out for creativity and style. In 1986 Giovanni also involved his brother Fabio in this activity, a whimsical and ambitious boy with a strong artistic vein.
Alone, they succeed in giving continuity to their precious laboratory, transforming it, within a few years, into a real company with 35 assumptions including employees and workers. The first opportunity occurs in 1989 with the participation at the international footwear fair in Dussendorf where their collection begins to arouse the interest of the various international markets.

Meanwhile, Mario Buffi and his sons, Enzo and Gina, were embarking on the same path as the two Capponi brothers. In 1997, after the great earthquake that struck Umbria region, the two companies suffered serious damages and the Capponi brothers with the Buffi family found the courage, thanks to the mutual relationship of friendship and esteem, to start from scratch and give life together at the Sanabella Group in 1998.
Since 1998 the company has undergone an exponential increase, passing from 35 to 70 employees with a high level of professionalism.


The participation at the main trade fairs and an effective communication strategy confirm the success of the Sanabella Group: it is always present in a constant and continuous way in its reference markets, establishing itself in Europe and in the world thanks to the style and quality of the its products.
Its best customers like Brown’s Shoes Inc of Canada with its 10,000 – 12,000 pairs a year, Chic Chaussures from Switzerland, Idea from Switzerland, Créton from Denmark, Rodea in Croatia, Siti Sporti ltd from Georgia and many others on the international market are the proof and confirmation of Sanabella’s success.
We must not forget the consolidated Italian sales network thanks to the professionalism and tenacity of the agents, who were successful in large purchasing groups such as Kammi, Punto Scarpa and Shoe Lab of Northern Italy.